Outreach: ME Graduate Student Research Poster Session, March 2016

Each year,  potential graduate students (current undergraduate juniors and seniors) interested in Purdue’s ME graduate program come to campus for a visitation. This year, the students attended a 46-participant research poster session and had the ability to tour different ME research labs.

I presented a poster, “High-speed 3D Optical Sensing and Applications,” at this session (PDF to poster below) detailing our lab’s research with an emphasis on my own 3D data/video compression and 3D video telepresence work. After viewing my poster, students could head up to our lab to try out our real-time 3D capture system and could also interact with my live 3D video telepresence system.

Overall, I’d say the response to my poster, and our lab’s work in general, was exciting. 3D sensing/scanning, and applications based on the real-time acquisition of 3D data, are becoming an increasingly popular area, both in terms of academic and public interest. Further, it was especially motivating to listen to the audience members come up with their own ideas of how they would use the technology within their own research or day-to-day lives.

PDF of my poster: http://bit.ly/xyzt-me-visitation-2016

Note: This event took place on Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 9:00am-11:00am in Purdue’s Mechanical Engineering building.

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